Today in class we introduced the prose continuum and discussed techniques for writing closed for prose and our rhetorical analysis essay.




  • Sign up for a conference
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  • Rhetorical Analysis Draft 1
    • 250+ words
    • Should include your introduction
    • Printed copy brought to class (and your conference appointment)


Today in class we introduced strategies for reflective writing and began to analyze the rhetoric within our chosen source with the help of our group members.


Link for class activity: The Park


  • Blog Entry 3
    • Prompt: Reflect on your chosen article
    • Now that you have selected an article for use with your rhetorical analysis, read through it once and reflect on the source.
    • Try to touch upon all four stages of reflection in this blog entry. Keep your concrete experience (a summary of the article) to only one or two sentences. Focus on your feelings, what you learned from the article, and how you can apply what you have learned in the future.
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    • Bring a printed copy of your Rhetorical Analysis draft to the conference



Today in class we introduced evaluative writing and began our class media presentations.

Week 2 Day 2


  • Read A&B 167-173
  • Blog Entry 2
    • Prompt: Which class presentation was best and why?
    • Now that you have a better understanding of evaluative writing and the criteria we are using to judge our media presentations, identify which presentation you considered to be the best in our class, and give examples and explanations of why you chose this presentation. This evaluation should be based on the grading criteria we have discussed in class. You should give specific examples from the presentation to support your evaluation.
    • Note: you may not select your own group project.