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Here you will find links to several of the websites we will be working with in class this semester as well as a few suggestions that may aid in your writing and research.


Indubitably the most important website we will be working with this semester, has become one of the world’s leading websites for student learning and the prevention of plagiarism. All major essay for our class will be submitted there. Please see individual course sections for registration numbers and passwords.


The main website we will be using to conduct research, the FIU Library Website gives access to some of the most comprehensive licensed and academic databases anywhere. Many of these databases normally have membership fees or articles are charged for individually, but FIU students have free access to almost all of the database’s material. Just make sure to login with your student information for off-campus access.


An excellent website run by Purdue University, the Purdue OWL has countless writing resources available to aid students, teachers, and researchers alike. For our purposes, the style guides on MLA formatting and APA formatting are the most useful, as they provide detailed instructions for formatting researchers papers.

FIU-Center for Excellence in Writing

The FIU Center for Excellence in Writing is the best place to get additional one-on-one feedback and assistance with college writing. Whether you’re a seasoned essay writer or still developing your composition skills, the tutors at the Center for Excellence in Writing can help you. The Center is located in GL125, and you can make appointments ahead of time using the above link.


Another invaluable research tool, many of you will rely heavily on Qualtrics when you begin conducting your own primary research in unit 3. It allows you to quickly and easily create surveys and certain other social experiments and disseminate them quickly on the web. Qualtrics is run by a private software company, but you can access it for free using your FIU credentials and login information.


One of the best news sources on the web, the Huffington Post is a great place to start looking at current events and sometimes as a starting point for research. The information presented here will be much more colloquial than most of the FIU Library database sources but remains credible in its presentation of information.

More to come soon!

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