Audio Production & Editing Resources

For creating podcasts or other multimodal assignments that may require audio recording and editing, Audacity is an excellent, free program that is easy to pick up for beginners and also offers advanced editing options for more experienced users.

Audacity Resources:

Audacity FAQ:

  • Q: Why can’t I save my project?
  • A: You are possibly in “pause” mode of the editing process. Hit the “stop” button and try again.
  • Q: How do I add background music or other tracks to my recording?
  • A: You have two options here. When adding audio from an audacity file, you can add a new track with Tracks>Add New>Stereo and then copy and paste an audio selection there. If you want to incorporate songs or other audio files, you can use File>Import>Audio. This will be automatically added to another track.
  • Q: Why can’t I place my audacity recording on another computer or with another program?
  • A: Audacity projects are saved with their own “.aud” file type that cannot usually be accessed by other programs. When you are done editing, use File>Export to convert your file into a file type that is playable on all devices
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