Today in class we discussed the course expectations and syllabus, introduced ourselves, and reflected on the effects of media in society and our lives.

Week 1 Day 1


  • Acquire textbook and class materials
  • Make class blog and submit via email
  • Blog Entry 1
    • Prompt: What is the most significant way that media has impacted your life?
    • Take a few minutes to think back and reflect on how media has impacted your life. Try to identify one (or a few) source of media that has impacted you the most. This could be a television show that inspired you to a career or even a social media site that you use to stay connected with friends and family.
    • You may wish to consider:
    • What effect did this media have on your life?
    • How did you come across this media? Do you still interact with it today?
    • What would have happened if this media was never a part of your life?
    • How will this experience affect you in the future?


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