Today in class we learned strategies for using the library database and working with peer reviewed sources. We continued the synthesis research process by finding our second source and introduced the Hegelian Dialectic to better understand the theory behind synthesis.

Week 9 Day 3


  • Blog Entry 7:
    • Focus: Peer Reviewed Source Evaluation
    • Select a peer reviewed source from a library database on your synthesis essay topic (you may use the source found in class if you choose)
    • Read and analyze the source. Then, sum up the argument it makes in the journal entry as well as your reaction to reading the source. Play the Believing and Doubting Game (or with and against the grain reading) to find the strongest and weakest elements of the source. Finally, reflect on how the source has changed your understanding of the research topic and what information could be useful to you in writing your synthesis essay
    • You do not need to introduce the issue or explain your viewpoint or past experiences here, simply focus on the source itself
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